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What do you like racing games? You can manage the expensive famous sports cars from the real world? For the opportunity to break these sports cars? The roar of the engine for you are sweeter than any music? Love speed but don’t want to violate traffic rules? The competition is in your blood, and the winner – middle name? Maybe you are one of those who just loves to race around the city streets or the picturesque woods and look at the surrounding beauty? Or, conversely, dig the ears, or rather with all wheels in the mud and to catch a buzz from it. In General, each waiting for the game about racing something of your own, and many receive it due to the fact that such projects darkness. To stand out from this mass of developers to invent the next product sometimes incredible ideas or resort to complex technical solutions. An arcade racing game All-Star Racing Fruit is about the first method. The developers of moved all of the action in the world of fruits, vegetables and all kinds of sweets from them. Almost like in Russian folk fairy-tale “Geese-Swans”: “milk river at milk and honey”. Looking ahead to say that the race was so fruity-juicy that after the game the mouth is certainly a sweet flavor.

When you first start the game, we are invited to have a helpful short training to manage a local go-kart. The introduction you can skip, but it’s still more interesting than simply memorizing the functions of the buttons on the picture of the joystick. Moreover, that involved almost all of the buttons: the left stick is responsible for steering, right for use of the tricks button A/B/X/Y enable/disable tanks with the juice to select the desired stunt combination, the right trigger is the gas button on it – brake left trigger – handbrake for drifting out and back, button L is the signal, up to D-pad – the first person, the rest of the directions accordingly – see the left, right, back, minus button – to return to the track, click the plus button to enter the menu. Button capture a frame and HOME work the same in all games. By the way, to write the retry is impossible, but you can take pictures at your pleasure. Phew, it seems nothing is forgotten. Now you understand why I advised to take the training? I recommend also to go to “Training”. There you can learn more about the combination of Soovijatele, tricks and their application.

Go directly to the control on the track. It is simple enough. Sometimes too: physics is not important. In most cases it is sufficient to push the gas and steer from time to time, performing tricks, and try more often to do controlled drifts to how it should be dispersed. In many respects the controls are similar to those in the last games of the series Mario Kart but only on paper. In reality, many actions lack the intuitiveness and predictability, as the “older brother”. Like you know how to perform a particular maneuver, but the result does not always lead to desired consequences. I’m not going to compare these two games since they are in different weight categories and the comparison is not entirely fair. Let me just say that the team only needs a good rework, so to say, to brush the game, and they will certainly be “candy”. Not sweets, but the quality.

All-Star Racing Fruit ASFR_3

Another issue which should certainly be improved – it’s a bad balance rivals and tricks. Let me explain with an example. If you start a little late or during the race remain in the tail, in most cases, you unfortunately will not catch up ahead. Even on the easy difficulty level. Specifically checked on different routes and modes. As if you have not tried is to go through all the turns to drift, to collect all the speeding and doing stunts, you are unlikely to break above 6-7. Not to mention the fact, to finish in such a situation first. This is partly due to well-prescribed routes for the computer players and a small percentage of their accidental errors. Too good AI gives the player almost no hope to win. So do not yawn and try to take a leading position in the race to ensure a place in the top three.


Balance techniques Soovijatele is also not okay is the lack of stunt driving action. As, for example, a blue shell in Mario Kart , which certainly reaches the first driver, knocking on the way and some of the other participants. And get a shell, as a rule, the outsider to give him a chance to get ahead. In All-Star Racing Fruit a lot of different tricks, there are homing attacks, but they are limited to a small distance. As a result, if out on first place in the competition and a little detached from his pursuers, then already nothing will prevent to reach the finish winner. The main thing most not to make mistakes on the steep turns. Yes, the track in this fun racing arcade game really are very tortuous, and to explore all the unexpected twists and turns need to repeatedly pass through the same level. Just like in real racing, when athletes before the main heat rolled a few laps to study the track and its pitfalls.

The difficulties of translation in all its glory

Scolded “fruit” of the race only for the most obvious shortcomings, as the overall gameplay is quite good and varied and the minor flaws, I hope, will correct immediate updates. You can find fault with any game project: life is not ideal. But the rest does not affect directly the racing component. On what to look wish to buy this game?

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Start with the fact that the game has many different events taking place on five Islands with a unique nature and trails: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Super-Islands. In “Custom race” you can ride on open in the “Career” tracks by their rules. “Career” will be offered 11 Championships, each of which has its own set of various types of events, including Sprinter, Mountain turns, Race shootout and others. “Quick Cup” with a random set of events suitable for those who cannot wait to jerk off. “Custom championship” is the same as the “Custom race”, but at championship level. In “Race against time”, as the name implies, you come to the track in the shortest possible time without rivals. The last mode is represented by “Exercise”, which was already mentioned in the beginning of the review.

All-Star Racing Fruit AllStarDateAnnounce_5

In each race can participate up to 8 participants, plus there is support for local multiplayer games up to 4 people on one TV screen and 2 in portable mode


What about personalizing a car? A lot of options. According to the developers, taking into account colors to 40 000 combinations! Anyone will be able to collect your ideal car. It allows saving the created customized machines in some slots and you can select before the race. Unfortunately, the setup does not touch the riders, or rather riders, since in this game are the characters, only female. But is such a little thing, the male half of the players should resist the temptation to zip through the colorful fabulous places to shoot opponents from a Bazooka or to incite them Dinicolo, forget about gravity and take a ride around the body of a giant snake? This fruit treated only in All-Star Racing Fruit.


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