Gem Smashers Review

It so happens that I want to play something not too intricate, not just mindlessly press all the keys in a row, and less meaningful, to fill a pause when riding the subway, but most serious game to run for some reason no desire. Also caught myself thinking that well when you have to draw interest to the game not only in gameplay, but in a simple, easy plot, when there is a nice looking animation, the events on the screen is developing very rapidly, and so quietly is immersed in the process, but stopping where it’s time to go, translate their console in sleep mode, put it in your bag and so until next time, when will appear again a good time for leisure activities. Just in such moments, the heroine of our essay Gem Smashers will be very useful.

Gem Smashers 1

In fairness, it should be noted that at the time of this review the game passed according to the built-in progress bar is 41%, so perhaps not all features will be disclosed below.

Gem Smashers 2

What is the essence…

Gem Smashers – on the one hand, the classical representative of kill time, on the other hand, puzzle game, distinctive feature of which is the presence of simple story videos between the levels, which, in turn, are plot inserts and are designed to gradually immerse the player in the future vicissitudes of the game.

You are invited to choose 3 characters: red crab hermit Bau, the blue hedgehog… no, not Sonic, and Bom and yellow chick Bam – and each of them has its own characteristics.

So Bau is the most balanced character and has equal amount of speed and power,

Bom is the fastest, but the weakest (and for him, the author of this essay chose to play),

in turn, Bam – the most powerful, but slowest.

After a short scene screensavers and games of learning, telling about the features of control, and what effects give some game icons, the game begins.

Gem Smashers 6

The gameplay is quite simple and uncomplicated. In the area of the screen are icons, which, depending on its properties you need to either collect or to break or avoid. So, you need to release all the trapped animals, it is possible to break a brick icons, as they can be all sorts of different things, for example, fruits, which give points or a door that opens when all animals are liberated, or better not to touch, as they can be located the icon of the skull that resets the score of the game. Levels must take place on time. The countdown is a fixed closed skull icon at the bottom right of the screen. Initially, the skull is completely closed, but the passage of time, the shell holding the skull, quietly begins to fall off, and if the level is held too long, the skull will break loose and no, level does not have to replay, but the skull will create additional difficulties for its passage.

Gem Smashers 7

Between levels, the character moves through the surface of the planet (“world”) with the ability to choose which level to go. How quickly and what the score was level is passed, affects the conditional rating level which is set in the stars from 1 to 3. To get to the next “world”, you must collect the minimum number of stars.

Gem Smashers 8

At the end of the “world” will be expected, boss. The mechanics of the boss battle is no different from games in General. The boss has a weak spot at which you want to get. Vulnerable spot changes color, and hit it only in the moment when the character of the same color with the affected location (as in the game itself, there are some icons with animals of a certain color, and you have to touch the icons, which will change the color of the character, and then you can release animals from captivity). After killing the boss watch a short box and go to the next “world”, provided that the number of stars is sufficient. Levels can be replayed an infinite number of times, including boss battles.

Gem Smashers 9

In fact, the game is nothing like another reimagining of the once popular classic game “Arkanoid”. Instead of a ball, which smashes the icons, BauBamBom; icons did not disappear, and the boundaries of the screen to fly, you can not add topical inserts and 3D animation.

27_NSW_Screenshot_Gem Smashers 1

I would also like to pay attention to the game’s graphics. It is clear that the developers did not chase execution and things like that, but… video sequences with low resolution, the characters themselves are well animated though, however awkward, is the “ladder” texture. The author does not want to say that the game gives the impression is made on the knee, not at all, but graphically it’s obviously not the level of Nintendo Switch. Gem Smashers gives the impression that she ported mobile graphically mobile games relates to the year 2012. On the other hand, the frame loss was found.

Gem Smashers 10

In addition, if you disconnect Joy-Con from the console and put separately on the table, then they stop working. In other words, play is possible only when the Joy-Con is connected directly to the console. Also the function of recording short videos in the game are not implemented.

29_NSW_Screenshot_Gem Smashers 3

However, Gem Smashers produces a positive impression, and when you need to kill time some simple but dynamic game, it is a great option. However to buy this at full cost is unlikely to be a reasonable waste of money…

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