Nintendo Switch – Go Vacation!

Sea, sun, white sand… Joy that the majority of simple hard workers can’t afford. To correct this unfortunate misunderstanding designed a new game for the Nintendo Switch – Go Vacation! Initially, this “simulator vacationer” was released in 2011 for Nintendo Wii and has more recently been ported to Switch. In Go Vacation , we will take on the role of one of the typical tourists. The game will prompt you to create from scratch a character of any color, age or gender, or take your Mii. Having finished all preparations, you can go to conquer the Island Kavafi (Kawawii Island).


The island consists of four major play areas: sea, mountain, snow and urban, each of which offer the player a unique set of themed entertainment. And these sets are really huge! In total the game has over 50 different fun and competitive matches ranging from a ride in the surf and ending with building a real snowman. But let’s take first things first.

The first resort on our way to becoming a Marine. Beaches, underwater caves and stuff like that. To play here, we will be offering beach volleyball, races on Quad bikes and scooters, to shoot people with water guns, dive somewhere deep to jump out of a plane, and, of course, just swim.

2018-09-16_22-20-04Urban resort is the second and smallest in our list. Table hockey, skating, Golf and even throwing pies. Getting around the island is possible on a skateboard or in a special mini-train.

2018-09-16_22-20-28A snowy island, it is not difficult to guess, focuses on winter sports: skiing, skating, bobsleigh and shooting snowballs. A ride you will not only banal snowboarding and mountain lifts, but even on the helicopters.

2018-09-16_22-20-42And the last island-resort – Mountain. Kayaking, ride on horseback, lying on the shore of the lake. In a word, Paradise for fans to go on nature.

2018-09-16_22-21-20Surprisingly, in Go vacation is a sort of storyline. The game will lead you by the hand, slowly telling what she knows and what you want. And she wants you to pass various mini-games for a specific time or a specific number of points. To be honest, story mode is too chaotic and boring. So, just take the legs up and go explore the resort on their own.

2018-09-16_22-19-42As has been said, to travel around the Island on foot, or by using different vehicles: steal horses, steal cars, collect children roller skates. Just kidding, all vehicles are already included in the cost of your permit. Although, if you are Roma, then about horses, I wasn’t kidding. On the Island Kiwami you will have to wait hidden (almost pirate) treasures, collectibles, which include new clothes for your character, and, of course, a pile of mini-games. Look for all this stuff can be both alone and with companions of man’s best friend – woman dog! Although women, too, the game supports local multiplayer for four.

2018-09-16_22-21-36After 20 mini-games, you will get to use a huge mansion, which is possible, first, to arrange according to your taste (Hello, Animal Crossing), and, secondly, it is possible to prescribe a woman to get it there all day to cook and clean. Hmm, this game becomes too much like real life… Not talk about sad things. New accessories for Villa can be found just traveling the world and looking for treasure, or buying it for the “silver keys”, we get for completing mini-games. All in the game a little bit a lot of 90 kits new house belongings. But that’s not all. For “Golden keys” obtained for the different tests, you can change the appearance of your house. I wanted to live in a castle or a UFO? The keys on the table and your every whim is fulfilled. 2018-09-16_22-21-50Also in the Switch version of the game appeared fashionable nowadays feature – photo mode. Go Vacation will offer you to complete your photo album of snapshots of the local fauna, which there are more than 40 types. 2018-09-16_22-20-59And that seems to be how a lot of things! A great game should be! No, no and no again. Mini-games, though many, but they play mostly pretty monotonous. To knock out new records and to open another “cool” mini-game do not want to have 3 to 4 hours. The multiplayer is a bit of saves the day, but really deserving attention cooperative games are exclusively race. Now let’s think: “does the candle a good race?”. Right, Mario Kart. So what game to buy I recommend very happy parents. Children with this simple and unobtrusive mini games collections always go on “hurrah!”.

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