Overcooked! 2 – Great game for parties with friends – Review

Since the debut of the series on Overcooked Nintendo Switch a little over a year, and swift action Overcooked! 2 rushed to the expanses of the platform again, as before, this forces the developers of Ghost Town Games and publishing support Team17. Cooperativesocialiroma game (1-4 players locally or over a network) and available in retail and digital versions, but the download from Nintendo eShop will pull two and a half gigabytes.


Beginners Overcooked! 2 immerse yourself in gradually, and invited to undergo training. Initially, the king thought that he creates a new recipe, but unfortunately, the blend of ingredients, which he twists, revived cemetery of the dead – stale bread crusts, so all chefs urgently need to take food to quench their hunger and not let zombies destroy the Kingdom.


You can play as one, and United in a team with 3 friends on the Internet. Take on the story to open the possibility of playing together, is not required: you can play multiplayer from the very start. The players are working together in the kitchen, seeking will fit with cooking in the allotted time at the level of: preparing a specific number of dishes until the timer expires. After the level will be passed, we will transport the camper to the next.

On each mission to prepare snacks and basic meals to feed their hungry customers. At first the game seems simple, but it will pass quickly as you will have to solve more tasks at the same time. If the aperitif sliced vegetables, laid out on a plate and put on counter still good, with the sushi and wash all the utensils after that to Tinker. If you play one, would be awkward to switch in an attempt to give the team all the chefs, but it is part of the fun.


The first levels we pass, driving two chefs (if live players just one, it switches between them on the key R). They need to take the ingredients on A, and then carry them to the next table, then to X have to slice and cook the food. Right after the dish is ready, it is divided in portions in bowls and served to the table. Chefs can change, so we will be able subsequently to perform all tasks more efficiently.


Levels are fraught and share of danger, first of all it is not obstructed by anything, the passages become full of obstacles, causing trouble, as they better not crash: it will be lost precious time in the kitchen


Drawn in a cute three-dimensional style, and cheerful music on each level brings the joy of the game. The chef always stand out against the environments, so that they can be easily distinguished on the screen at first sight. Additional master cooking may become available as by passing levels in the game, and with the purchase of a set of Too Many Cooks in the Pack eShop.

Overcooked! 2 Too Many Cooks Pack

One obvious problem is the loading time. Yes, it is rather “weighty” digital fix, the game has plenty of content… But the loading screens between each waiting for the uncut scenes and levels. Their duration can vary from 15 to 30 seconds, which greatly hurt the eyes. September 5 has been released update designed to reduce load. After testing the boot time was still significant at the beginning of the level and return to the menu screens, although the duration of the screens and was slightly reduced to 10 seconds. Well, we hope that developers will continue to work to reduce the time of downloads Overcooked! 2 and in the future.

Overcooked! 2 ezgif.com-resize-34

Overcooked! 2 gives a fun, challenging gaming experience for fans of cooking games. Despite the fact that the game overshadowed by long load, by itself, the gameplay is spectacular fun for parties of 1-4 players.

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