​Product Number 03 GameCube Review

One of the first announced games of Capcom’s 5 exclusives games was P.N.03 (Product Number 03). While the game wasn’t received well by American gamers (as well as Europe and Japan for that matter), it still has its own little fanbase. Because of extremely poor sales, we will probably never see a sequel, but that doesn’t mean that we should not enjoy this one as it is, in my opinion, of course, a really cool action game, and even though not many people will like it, those who do will appreciate it a lot!

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The story is set in the future. You are Vanessa Z. Schneider, a mercenary hired by a woman to destroy machines. It’s not the best of stories, and we don’t really care anyway since this isn’t a game with a deep story, and you’ll probably keep hitting that A button as fast as possible to skip them! I won’t give you the ending punch, but it really sucked, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the game though!

Since this game is set in the future, you will be using advanced weaponry (kind of) as Vanessa is able to shoot lasers with the palm of her hands, as well as do some dance moves that will create extremely powerful attacks to destroy your enemies. It may sound dumb, but it actually works pretty well! You can move left or right with the L and R buttons to dodge bullets, you can do a 180 degrees turn by hitting the Z button, A is for shooting of course, B to jump, X to crawl and Y to change targets. The C stick is used to change camera angles, the control stick to move, and the most interesting feature: the D-Pad is used to input your dance moves. That’s right, it’s kind of like a fighting game, you’ll have to do a combination of 3 arrows, like left down left, or up down up, and then hit the A button to perform your dance moves, called energy drives. It’s not THAT exciting, but it’s still kind of cool and it makes the game stand out a little from the rest. Those energy drives have to be unlocked and to do so, you have to buy them in a shop where you can spend your points earned while playing. There, you can buy new suits and upgrade them, which is a nice addition to this game. I should also mention that when you finish the game, you can save it and then start again on another difficulty level and keep all your suits and upgrades.

The game has 3 difficulty settings; you start with 2 and have to unlock the 3rd one. Unfortunately, the game isn’t all that difficult, even on hard. You could easily rent the game and finish it on all 3 difficulties the first day if you play a lot. The enemies always follow the same patterns so when you know them, you can kill anything without even being touched. The bossed could have been hard, but since you’re so powerful, you just have to do 2 or 3 energy drives to kill them, except for the last boss which requires you to use your brain a little to develop some kind of “strategy” to defeat it. It’s kind of sad since the game only has 11 missions and none of them are a challenge! There are also 5 trial missions to do per mission, and each of those are random, and I found that they were more difficult than the standard missions.

The graphics of this game aren’t that bad, but they aren’t really pushing the hardware. The textures are all the same, that means either white and black or, if you’re outdoor, some grey and some sand textures. This is really sad since they could have done so much better so easily, but it does give the game a unique look though! The main character is pretty well modelled, and I thought she was extremely sexy! The animation in the game was top notch, the robots have a way of moving and using their weaponry that is really cool, and Vanessa, well, she knows how to dance really well! She’s also always moving her feet, clapping her fingers, or other parts of her body to the beat of the music and even though it’s only a very small detail, it makes a really big difference!

The music in this game is wonderful! I am a huge techno fan, and this game serves some of the best video game music I’ve heard, techno-wise. It sounds great and suits the game extremely well! It’s really a sad thing that Capcom didn’t release a soundtrack for it, but if you know where to get   music on the net, there is a fan made a rip and I’d suggest you download it right now! As for the sound effects, they do their job and are quite repetitive, but at least they do their jobs so no complaints here!

So, should you buy it or not? I’d suggest you rent it and then decide, but most people won’t buy it, and I can live with that! Capcom could have made this game into something a lot better, and they kind of failed. I don’t understand how a game that has been in development for so long, is one of the shortest games I have ever played! I still bought it, but even I think it wasn’t all that great, except for Vanessa’s cute butt!


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